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I spent most of my childhood vacations on my father's farm in Guanacaste, and even though I lived most of my life in San José, my heart stayed in this amazing province, the most beautiful of Costa Rica. For many years I dreamed of moving here, and I spent a lot of time looking for the land that would steal my heart.  I found it in 2007, and even though the first time we walked around it we couldn´t even see if it was flat or a hole or a mountain (the grass was soooo high!!!), something inside me told me I was home. Since then most of my energy has made it what it is today. We cleared it, healed our trees, built fences, built the road, and brought in services like electricity and water. Now I am ready to return to the land I´ve always loved, and for me the best way to honor this land is to share it with people from all over, who would appreciate the Guanacaste vibe and all it can give your body and your soul.  My energy and life savings are here, in the glamping site, and we´ve put a lot of love and hard work building a place that will give you and your family good times, joy, laughter, peace, simplicity and comfort.  Our promise is we will share with you who we are and what we love, and hopefully help you love and enjoy Guanacaste the way that we do!



Josue has known Gaby since he was a little boy, and they have been in each other´s life for over 25 years now.  He has no formal education in management, but he is smart and has an amazing intuition in what it means to provide a great service.  His English can (and will) improve, but he will understand you and make himself understood.  Since 2019 he made our dream his dream, and he has helped build almost everything you can see in the farm.  He lives on site with his two kids, Gabriela (9) and Adrian (6).  His life is not easy as a single father, yet he is always smiling and thinking of new projects for the farm.  You will see him coming and going around in his loved little white jeep (his tractor, he calls it), always looking for things to do to make our farm look prettier.  This is a young man you can trust to do his best to help you make your stay at Guanaglamp a most memorable one.



Costa Rica has been for many decades an example to the world in many important issues: democracy, ecology, happiness and social responsibility.

We enjoy a truly unique quality of life that has deeply influenced who we are and what we dream.

So when we decided to start our glamping adventure, we had four things in mind:


We want to give our customers the best glamping experience possible. 

We believe it is the little details that make all the difference, and we strive to excel at this.


We want our land to feel our love.


We plant over 100 trees every year. We honor the water we receive. We recycle. We use the wood from the trees that fall. We compost. There is no effort we don't make to care for our land in the best way we know how and with the resources we have.


We want to create good jobs.


We help our employees improve their quality of life and aim for happiness they can share with their loved ones. We pay our taxes. We are socially responsible. We want the best for our community and for our country, and we are clear it is everyone's responsibility to cooperate.

4. We want to thrive as a business.





In 1824, the people who lived in the territories that are now

Guanacaste decided to become a part of Costa Rica. It is by far the

biggest present we have received as a country. Guanacaste is, in our

opinion, the most beautiful province of Costa Rica, and everyone who

visits, gets his or her heart stolen. The beaches, the people, the

Sabaneros (cowboys), the food…it´s all a world of its own and we are

blessed to be here, on this land that we love.

The province has developed a lot because of tourism, and in some

areas there is more cement than we would like. We chose the location

of our farm only one kilometer away from the main road, but it is a

kilometer that brings you into the real Guanacaste, the quiet one, the

one I used to enjoy and love since I was a little girl on my Father's farm.

This is what we want to share with you…the Guanacaste with monkeys and birds on the trees, a mountain in the background, the cow filled paddocks in front of you, and the most amazing sunsets you can think of.

You can rest your soul in our place, and enjoy our best beaches and

spots during the day without going great distances…

So welcome to GuanaGlamp, and güipipíaaaaa!!!!



These are the beaches closest to us, and in our opinion, the nicest in the province. You can park your car around the main plaza in Brasilito, and visit both beaches from there. We strongly recommend that you cross Brasilito and continue walking to Conchal, because there is a lot of shade in it. There is wonderful snorkeling at the beginning of Conchal, where there is a small coral reef. At Conchal the W hotel will allow day visitors for a fee, and it is a wonderful experience




This beach is a little far from our place.. but about 8 times a year they have what we call an “Arribada“. Thousands (literally!) of turtles arrive on the beach at the same time, and stay from two days to a week, nesting. This is unique natural highlight. If you are lucky enough to be in Guanacaste when this begins, we strongly suggest that you change whatever plan you have and head to Ostional. Since the turtle show starts at sunset, we recommend that you spend the day visiting all the nice beaches along the way: Lagarto, Marbella and San Juanillo are very much worth a visit!




This is a particular beach that combines big waves, especially attractive for surfers, with the loud sound of the howler monkeys that live in the area. It has light gray sand, almost no rocks, and it´s very special for taking beach walks. It´s beautiful sunsets are definitely part of the must sees! It has a little sister beach, Playa Blanca, that is also a very special place. Sometimes, along with the waves surfers love, there are some treachorous currents in Junguillal so please, if you are not a good swimmer, be very careful!




It´s a very lonely beach located at Las Catalinas, a nice European-like beach town that deserves a visit anyway. Danta is a small very calm beach and it´s perfect to just relax under a tree. If you want to go a little further, just crossing a few rocks when the tide is low you will arrive at Dantita, its little sister beach. There is hardly anybody there! If the tide goes up you can return thru a small trail of about 1 kilometer (better to wear shoes) Las Catalinas has also developed many kilometers of mountain trails that are perfect for walking or biking…you will find a lot of people exercising there.




Flamingo is a beautiful white sand beach with lots of hotels and condominiums. It´s quite a long beach, and a favorite of ticos. Sometimes the ocean gets a little rough, but when it is calm it is perfect to enjoy and also to do some snorkeling. We´d say that Flamingo has one of the best sunsets in Guanacaste, and to enjoy them having a cocktail at Coco Loco, at the end of the beach, is an experience we truly recommend. In the last years we've seen that in September and October some whales dare to come close to shore, and they have even been filmed playing in the waves!




Tamarindo is perhaps the most visited beach in Costa Rica, and it is the most developed touristic area in Guanacaste. The beach is amazing, the sunsets are stunning, and surrounding it you will find really nice restaurants, great shopping and the best supermarket in the beach area (AutoMercado). It is a good beach for beginner surfers, and also to take your first lessons in this sport that so many just love. If you prefer a calmer ambiance, just continue going a little bit to PLAYA LANGOSTA, just as beautiful with a lot less visitors.




This is a 2 kilometer long beach located on Guanacaste´s Golden Coast, and it is a surfer´s paradise. Ticos and tourists visit from all over to catch up to 5 meter high waves. On the beach you might find Lola, a 400 kilos local celebrity pig who walks around enjoying the sun and the beige sand… Lola is the most famous restaurant at the beach, and an experience you will enjoy very much.




For many years, Potrero was our place to go. It is a very beautiful quiet beach, with very calm water and surrounded by mountains, located right next to Flamingo but without the noise and the party and the crowd. Great for enjoying the water and some peace and quiet, while being close enough to just go for lunch at a very close restaurant. Potrero pretty much ends at the Flamingo Marina (under construction) so it is also a great place to observe the boats at its amazing sunsets.




Playa Grande is located within the Baula´s Marine National Park. It´s the Baula Turtle favorite beach for nesting so it has been protected for many years now. It is one of the country´s favorite beaches for surfing. Located right next to Tamarindo, but separated from it by an estuary that allows no passing, Playa Grande is 3.6 kms long with lovely white sand. To the west it connects with beautiful and very seldom visited Playa Ventanas and El Cerro Moro, so if you are up for a hike this is the place to go!




Playa Pan de Azúcar, or Sugar Beach, is a small White sand beach located in a secluded área of Guanacaste. The waters are usually pretty calm, which makes it a special place for swimming or snorkeling. Because it it not very visited, the flora and fauna are very special… it is usual to find iguanas, howler monkeys, all kinds of birds, and in the ocean manta rays, sea turtles and even some sharks near the shore.

There are plenty of beaches nearby; we'll gladly help you choose the one you'll enjoy the most!

Playa Ostional

Playa Danta

Playa Tamarindo

Sugar Beach

*Know that we rent everything you need for a great beach experience, for a small fee.

You don´t have to carry anything from your home…

We offer ice boxes, beach chairs, hammocks and beach towels to help you set up anywhere and enjoy a great day. If you´d like something that is not on the list, don´t hesitate to ask and we´ll do our best to provide it. 

While we start our food service we can help you contact any restaurant around the beach you´ll be visiting, so that they can bring you your food at whatever time you prefer.*





Flying internationally to Costa Rica offers two options.  

The SJO airport is located in Alajuela, near San Jose which is the capital.  If you fly to SJO you can drive to Guanaglamp and it will take approximately 4 hours.  It´s a very nice drive with many nice restaurants on the way, and usually skipping cows is a part of it as you get close to us. You can also fly in a small airplane to the Tamarindo airstrip (approx. 40 mins, very lovely flight, like a geography class on CR). has info on these flights.  The Tamarindo airstrip is about 20 mins from Guanaglamp and we can find someone to pick you up.

The LIR airport is located in Guanacaste, and the drive to Guanaglamp takes less than one hour.